Free Facebook Without Internet? Facebook Zero is the Solution!

Free Facebook Zero Plan

Have you ever thought of using facebook without internet? Yes, you heard it right! Facebook has become one of the most important things in our daily life. In fact, some of us became addicted to facebook and undoubtedly it eats most of our valuable time and money too. But using facebook's new initiative "Free Facebook" or Facebook Zero, you can save some bucks by cutting your mobile data charges!!!

What is Free Facebook alias Facebook Zero?

Facebook Zero ( is an initiative taken by social network giant "Facebook". It provides users facebook access for free of cost. To provide such facility, Facebook collaborates with specific mobile phone internet providers. According to Facebook 0, mobile phone internet providers charge zero-rate(free) for accessing facebook on mobile phones.

Free facebook was introduced in 2010. But it has become so popular now a days in African countries. Waiving of mobile data charges was really helpful for them!

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Benefits of Facebook Zero:-

  • Facebook 0 will display text-only version of your facebook profile and so it will load very faster.
  • Saving money, since it costs nothing for users who opted-in for Free Facebook plan.
  • Facebook Zero is collaborated with more than 50 mobile operators around the world.
  • Free facebook is easy to navigate and all main pages are still available as usual.
  • When user wants to like or comment on anything, it will open in new page but still doesn't make any difference as it loads in lightening speed!
  • Facebook 0 also makes messaging easy and fast, almost no time to load.
Free Facebook or Facebook Zero Banner
Photo Credit: Linkedin

Disadvantages of Free Facebook:-

  • Using facebook zero, you can access only text version of your facebook assets for free(though you can go ahead and view photos/videos for additional mobile data charges).
  • Facebook zero was collaborated with only specific mobile operators. Thus it may not be available in all parts of the world.
  • No doubt that facebook 0 loads in no time, but you can't really feel the "real facebook" without any pictures and colorful interface :)

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Hope you found this article helpful, You can also checkout our "facebook tricks" to know more interesting features of facebook! Please post your feedback/suggestions in the comment section below!

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