Top 5 Best Free Drupal 8 Themes for 2017

Top 5 Best Free Drupal 8 Themes for 2017

Themes play an important role in grabbing attention of visitors when they visit your website. You need to make sure the website is fully functional and having pleasant appearance to visitors. In content management systems like Drupal, it can be done easily by installing Drupal themes of your choice in few minutes and the rest can be taken care by Drupal system. Though it looks like an easy process, it is hard to find suitable Drupal themes for your website that are beautiful, responsive and fully functional.

In this article we are giving you the list of top 5 free Drupal 8 themes (Most Installed) with its features:-

1. Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme

Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme is one of the best drupal 8 themes which is responsive and has many features. Some of them include:-

  • Top three flexible blocks: Block width will change automatically based on assigned block, Block share equal width based on assigned block.
  • Footer four flexible block: Block share equal width based on assigned block.
  • Bottom three flexible block: Maximum three column block, First & Second bottom block share total 50% rest 50% for bottom third block.
  • Main static banner with custom title and description. One, two and three column layout pages. Multi-level responsive Drupal 8 menus. Bootstrap 3 framework and Font awesome icons. Option to edit copyright content from theme settings page.
  • Social media links - Option to add or hide required social media links.

Demo of Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme can be found here.

2. Nexus Theme

Nexus theme is one of the elegant and flat responsive Drupal themes. It could easily be used for a blog, small business, portfolio or a variety of other websites. The clean elements are easy for users to understand and make navigating your website a pleasure. Features include:-

  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • Flex Image Slideshow with Caption (Customizable)
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
  • A total of 12 block regions
  • Drupal standards compliant and Supported standard theme features
  • Google Font and nice typography

Demo of Nexus Drupal 8 Theme can be found here.

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3. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is Drupal 8 bootstrap theme which is very sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. This base theme bridges the gap between Drupal themes and the Boostrap framework. Bootstrap theme could be a better choice for you if you're looking to use very responsive and faster theme for your website. Some awesome features of Bootstrap include:-

  • jsDelivr CDN for "out-of-the-box" styling and faster page load times.
  • Extensive integration and template/preprocessor overrides for most of the Bootstrap Framework CSS, Components and JavaScript
  • Theme settings to further enhance the Drupal Bootstrap integration. It includes BreadcrumbsNavbarPopoversTooltips and Wells

You can build the demo of bootstrap drupal 8 theme using simplytest here.

4. Paxton Theme

Paxton is a Drupal 8 bootstrap multipurpose theme. It is very useful for your Business, Corporate, Portfolio. Also it is easy to use and fully customize.. Features of paxon theme include:-

  • Bootstrap 3 framework
  • 100 % Responsive
  • 1/2/3 Column layout support
  • Font Awesome support
  • Total of 17 regions

Demo of Paxton Drupal 8 Theme can be found here.

5. Business Theme

Business Theme is very light weight with modern look and feel. This theme is suitable for small or medium-sized businesses to get up and running quickly. Features include:-

  • Responsive for Drupal 8 version
  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • Implementation of JS Slideshow (Customizable)
  • Multi-level drop-down menus (Multilingual menu)
  • A total of 12 regions & Drupal standards compliant
  • Custom front-page with 4 block regions
  • Configurable layout

Demo of Paxton Drupal 8 Theme can be found here.

These are 5 best Drupal 8 themes we found from our research. Hope it helps. If you have any feedback or found any eye catching drupal themes, please post in the comment section below. Also please don't forget to subscribe for more posts :-)

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