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Who unfriended me on facebook

How can I find who unfriended me on Facebook?

One of the most asked questions on Google – How can I see the list of friends who unfriended me on Facebook? There may be some reasons why facebook not allowing us to know who deleted me on facebook. Even though facebook provides lot of other

Free Facebook Zero Plan

Free Facebook Without Internet? Facebook Zero is the Solution!

Have you ever thought of using facebook without internet? Yes, you heard it right! Facebook has become one of the most important things in our daily life. In fact, some of us became addicted to facebook and undoubtedly it eats most of our valuable time

facebook contest ideas

Top Facebook Contest Ideas to Gain More Followers!!!

Facebook contest ideas can be simple yet powerful to gain more followers or visitors for your facebook page that converts into business. There are plenty of third party applications to create facebook competitions in a matter of minutes. Recently even facebook provided an option to

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How to Remove/Hide Your Last Name on Facebook Profile

We all know that Facebook is one of the best and popular social networks in the world and inspires people of all ages. While coming across your friends’ facebook profiles, you might have noticed and wondered that it doesn’t display their last name. Pretty cool,