Wordpress Seo Tips - Top 5 Important Things to Consider!!!

Wordpress SEO Tips - Optimization Techniques Explained

A website built using any platform should be optimized to run as efficiently as possible. Basically "wordpress seo" or "wordpress search engine optimization" is a technique being used to optimize images, scripts and styles of the website so that it can be ranked well in search engines such as google, yahoo etc. In this wordpress tutorial, we will discuss about few important wordpress seo tips to be considered while optimizing your website.

Wordpress Seo Tips - Performance Factors:

There are few important factors that affects performance of your wordpress seo optimization:-

  • Hosting Plan
  • Wordpress Configuration
  • Wordpress Upgrades
  • Server Load(Bandwidth)
  • Images, Scripts and Styles

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We will discuss all wordpress seo tips one by one.

Hosting Plan:

It is important that you choose your server wisely based on your website content, page views and targeted visitors location. If you're running a small blog or business website that observes countable visitors, it can be hosted under shared hosting which is cheap and mostly used by others. The drawback of shared hosting is you will have very limited control over server settings if needed for your website seo optimization. If the website is hosted in dedicated server, you will have full control over server settings. It means you can do anything you would like to do for optimizing your wordpress website. Dedicated servers can be very useful in case you're running a website with hundreds of pages and thousands of visitors everyday.

Wordpress SEO Configuration:

Sometimes bad configurations of the website could make it dead slow and reduce the chance of ranking high in search engines. Wordpress plugins used in the site can play a vital role in its performance. Please make sure to deactivate and delete plugins that are no longer necessary to run your website. If website has any custom plugins installed, you should check and optimize the code to make sure they are efficiently coded.

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Wordpress Upgrades:

It is very important to keep your website up to date. You need to make sure you're using the latest version of wordpress core and run updates if available. Also please update all plugins/themes as soon as updates are available. It will help improving site performance as upgrades are really meant to fix all bugs and enhance performance of the website. Thus keeping up with wordpress upgrades is very important and useful.

Server Load(Bandwidth):

The amount of traffic on server will have huge impact on your website's performance. Since number of database queries/requests must be reduced as much as possible since it will affect loading time of your web pages and can slow down the performance.

Caching solutions can make your websites run faster since it won't make multiple requests to server if someone visits your website. It is a method of caching web pages in server for a specific period. In this way, the server can handle additional page requests very easily and it could handle very high traffic without affecting the performance.

Image Optimization and Compressing Scripts:

To rank well in search engines, images in your web pages must be optimized as well. It will help increase your website performance, save time and increase your search engine ranking. It is also important that scripts and styles are optimized and compressed so that it can be loaded faster. Invoking scripts/styles only on required pages will also enhance performance of your website.

Useful Tools in Wordpress SEO:

  • Google PageSpeed Tools - It helps measuring your website performance and provides tips on how to make improvements.
  • Static web pages can be cached for faster loading using wordpress plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache etc.
  • Smush It - This plugin can be used to resize, optimize and compress all your images.

Hopefully We've covered the list of important wordpress seo tips or techniques to be considered while optimizing your wordpress website. Soon I will be writing a detailed article about important caching techniques to be used in search engine optimization.

Hope you found this wordpress seo tips useful. Please post your comments/thoughts in the comment section below.

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